WhatsApp Upcoming & awaited New Features: Release Soon in 2020 !

Always bring WhatsApp new feature to Users, there are so many features seen tested in near about , among them some features are   written below, guys you also awaited for these new feature, lets watch whenever whats up bring these Cool new Features

WhatsApp Upcoming & awaited Features: Release Soon in 2020 !

Boomerang Feature


It is also said that this new feature of WhatsApp will reach Android users soon once it is released for iOS. Instagram, the sister of WhatsApp, originally brought its Boomerang app for its users, particularly to allow them to create their own one-second video loops easily. The app is essentially designed to counter Vine from Twitter, which offers video loop segments of six-seconds. It has been found that WhatsApp is also developing a Boomerang feature, which will allow the users to create looping videos easily. This particular feature is currently in a development stage and will certainly be available initially for iPhone users, as suggested by the report.

Multiple-device support


WhatsApp can soon be used on multiple devices simultaneously. As per reports, WhatsApp’s multiple-device support will get registration notifications when a user is trying to log into another device – similar to Facebook’s login system.

Self-destructing messages


WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages feature is similar to Snapchat’s iconic messaging feature. These self-destructing messages will delete itself after a specific period of time. Additionally, users might also be able to set time intervals for messages to self-destruct.

QR Code to add contacts


One of the new features seen tested on messaging app’s beta version is to bring QR code for contact sharing. In this feature, one can scan a QR code to add another user’s contact information directly to address book.

Hide muted status

With the upcoming update, WhatsApp users will be able to hide muted status updates from select contacts. This feature will be available under a separate tab to make the process easier. Currently, if you mute someone’s status updates on WhatsApp, it still appears at the bottom of the feed.

Increase Group Video & Audio Call Limit:

WhatsApp is in the process of upgrading its mobile apps with a couple of improvements that are meant to allow multiple users to participate in audio and video calls. WABetaInfo has learned that WhatsApp plans to extend group audio and video call limit on Android and iOS devices.Currently, WhatsApp users can initiate group calls with up to 4 participants, but a future update will increase the number of participants that you can invite in a group call to at least 6. It’s unclear what the final number will be, but we do know that WhatsApp will apply the same enhancements to the video call group feature. (Click Here View Details)

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