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Hi, Everyone Last Yadav here today I want to know you my favorite & Latest top 10 Gmail tips and tricks in Gmail. I’m sure there are going to be some  Gmail new features that you never know before.

Gmail Tips and Tricks #1: UNDO SEND

Have you ever sent the right email to the wrong person? Or, the Wrong email to the right person? Sometimes, we even forget to add important information and we realize the same after pressing the send button. Well, that is not a big issue but if you are sending really confidential information or something personal then it may create a inconvenience or annoyance for you.

There is a quick setting on Gmail where you can undo send an email on Gmail. Here is everything below.

How to UNDO send Gmail:

To perform the function of Gmail undo send, you just need to follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to Gmail Inbox. On the top right-hand side, you would see options with a gear icon   . Click on that, then select See All Settings.
  2. Now, enable ‘Undo Send’. By default, it is not enabled. You just need to enable it.
  3. Just below the Undo Send Enable button, you would see a number of seconds. By default, it is at 10 Seconds but I would suggest you select 30 Seconds instead of 10 or 20 Seconds as it would allow you more time to undo send Gmail.
  4. After selecting the time, just click on Save Changes below.
Undo Send
undo send

Gmail Tips and Tricks #2: Schedule send

Second Gmail Tips :-You want to send an email, just not right now. No problem—it’s easy to schedule an email in Gmail.

Maybe you’re responding to work emails at an awkward hour and don’t want the recipient to know. Maybe you want to send a message to someone who is currently on vacation. Or maybe you just want to send out the same email every day, week, or month.

How to Schedule Send

  1. To get started, compose an email, the way you normally would. When everything is ready, click the down arrow to the right of the Send
  2. You’ll see the Schedule send Then click on it.
  3. By default, you’ll be offered a few times—later this morning, in the afternoon, or on the morning of the next work day.
  4. Click one of these three options, or use the Pick date & time button if you have a different time in mind. When you’re done, the email is scheduled.
  5. It won’t be sent until the time specified. And if you change your mind before go-time, head to your Scheduled folder, open the message, and click Cancel send.
Gmail Tips
Scheduled Send
Scheduled Send

Gmail Tips and Tricks # 3: Templates

You can type less and send faster using the Gmail Template Feature. Ultimately, they can make you more efficient when composing messages. Gmail templates contain canned responses you can quickly insert into any email to fill out all the details you’d otherwise spend time writing with each new message. Here’s how to use them.

How to Enable Templates Feature

  1. Go to Gear Icon >> then click on See All setting >> Advanced >> then Enable Templates>> then Don’t Forget to click on Save Changes button below.

How to Save a Message as a Gmail Template

 While Gmail provides some premade templates, you can create and customize your own template as well. Here is how.

  1. Compose your template message in Gmail. 
  2. Select More options(the three dots next to the Discard draft button in the lower-right corner of the email).
  3. Select Template, then choose Save Draft as Template then select Save as New Template
  4. Enter a descriptive name for your new template.
  5. Select OK to save the Gmail template.

After saving your Customized template, you can use it by composing message same way but you select your template Which you named before.


Gmail Tips and Tricks # 4: Dark theme

You can turn on dark theme in Gmail to give your eyes a break especially after a long day of sitting in front of the computer to turn on dark theme.

 It’s pretty simple go to the top right-hand corner and click on setting gear icon this opens up the quick setting menu and right here you see an option called theme you can select one of the images or we could click on view all to see all of the different option.

When you click theme you can choose a photo and when you pick a photo you have different options. You can adjust the text background so you can make it light and dark. You can vignette or also blur the background.

Just go down below you have a true dark theme option. If you click on, it simply applies a dark background then you text is light while this is lot easier on the eyes. Once you all done simply click on save then your theme is now in place tip.

Gmail New Features

Gmail Tips and Tricks # 5: Reading pane

You can add reading pane into Gmail as like  Microsoft Outlook to make it easier to get through all of your email messages when you click on one message the message takes over the Full screen and you no longer see your inbox. 

  1. Instead in the top right-hand corner you can toggle on what’s called split pane mode
  2. When you click on this split the pane and reading pane appear. If you click one of email messages you can review the messages over this pane. On the side this makes it a little bit easier to get through your messages
  3. Also, once again in the top right-hand corner you click on drop down arrow you can adjust the location of split you can also apply a vertical split and horizontal split.
gmail tips

Gmail Tips and Tricks # 6: Offline Mode

You can read your Gmail Messages While you’re offline. Let’s say you don’t have any internet access you can still access all of your email messages.

How do you take advantage of this well? Let’s go to top right-hand corner and click on setting gear icon. once the quick setting menu opens up let’s click on see all settings.  

Within the all setting go to all the way over to the right-hand side of the tab and click on offline. then enable offline mail. When you turn this on, it’ll show you how much storage space it’ll take on your computer and also how many emails want to store.

You could store emails from the last 7 days or 30 days or 90 days. You could decide whether you want to include attachments or not

After you’re all done configure your different settings you can save the changes. Then if you’re offline, you have to open your browser and navigate to website and your inbox will pop up just like it normally does and any emails that you send while you’re offline

offline mode

Gmail Tips and Tricks # 7: Keyboard Shortcuts

To really become a pro at using Gmail should really take advantage of keyboard shortcut keys.

There are some keyboard shortcuts Enable by default but there are some keyboard shortcuts that you will unlock by pressing ” Shift +?”.

When you press shift and question mark at once that’ll show you all of the different keyboard shortcut keys. At the top all the ones that are enabled by default. Down below there are additional shortcut keys that you can enable simply click on enable then you’ll able to take advantage of these.

gmail tips

Tips # 8: Stars to organize messages

You can use stars and many different types of stars to help organise many emails. In your inbox you can click star golden star appear, this message show on starred category. However, you have by default one type of star.

You can add many more types of stars to do that lets go to settings gear in the top right-hand corner. When you click on see all settings this drops you within the general view of settings and about half down you have a section for stars.

Then you see that only one star is in use and that’s the gold star, you can customize by dragging up or dragging down.

You can also go with different presets. When you satisfy on your customization scroll down the bottom and click on save changes.

organize by star

Tips # 9: Vacation responder

You are planning on going on vacation, you can set a vacation responder so who ever emails you while you are out, they will get an auto response and you can really use it for any time you are going to be away from email from some time to be able to use this.

The top right-hand corner clicks on setting gear then click on see all settings within the general tab at the very bottom the section that you have found vacation responder.

You can turn it on and off. You will turn it on then set first day of you vacation and last day of your vacation if you don’t check last day option then you can manually turn it off once you return here.

You can set subject down below also you can type your message and you also decide whether you only want to send it to people in you contact list on not. Once you are ready to go simple click on save changes.

vacation responder

Gmail Tips and Tricks # 10: Multiple email signatures

You can switch between multiple email signatures what is an email signature. signature gets append to the bottom of any email that send.

To access your email signatures when you have a new message open, go to bottom there’s the option to insert a signature.

 Click on that button, it opens up a menu. Click on manage signatures, this brings you settings under the general tab. Down to the signature section you can create a new signature.

If you have two or more signatures you can set your default signature. after all you’ll save your changes down below.

When you compose a new email what signature you set by default it will appear on message body, you can also switch between other signatures by selecting signatures.


Bonus Tips : Mute noisy conversations

You can mute noisy conversations in your inbox if you no longer interested in reading any subsequent messages. Then you can simply right click on that message which you not interested. Then pop up a menu within this there is the option mute   to mute the message.

Once you mute the message that message, you’ll no longer see any subsequent replies.

I hope, this post is helpful for you and get to know some Gmail new features about Gmail. please comments below and share it to your friend or colleague. You can Also download Free Images click Here

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